Spice blends

Spice Blends:

Indian Curry Powder

An aromatic spice blend to make curries


Sambhar Powder

A spice blend from South India using lentils, spices and chilies.


Bottle Masala

A special spice mix from the East Indian community of Mumbai, using red chilies and spices.


Malabar Masala Powder

An aromatic spice mixture from the Malabar coast of India, using coconut, toasted spices and herbs.

Turkish Spice Blend

A delicious multi purpose spice mix using paprika, mint and spices.

Thai Curry Powder

An all purpose curry blend used in Thai and Malaysian cooking, using turmeric, dried ginger and spices.

Hakka Spice Blend

A fantastic mixture from the Hakka Chinese community of Calcutta using sesame seeds, star anise, Sichuan peppercorn and whole spices.


Nyonya Curry Powder

An aromatic curry powder from the Nyonya community of Singapore and Malaysia, using cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and red chilies.