Nyonya Curry Powder

Nyonya curry powder.jpg

Nyonya curry powder takes inspiration from it's Malay and Indian roots. Toasting the whole spices increases their flavour and shelf life. Use in recipes such as Nyonya Chicken Curry Kapitan, Nyonya Chicken Curry or anything you want to add spice to!

1  2-inch cinnamon stick, broken up
1 tbsp each, whole spices: green cardamom, cloves, fennel, coriander, cumin, dried mace
1 tsp each, whole spices: fenugreek, brown mustard seeds, black pepper, ground ginger or dried ground galangal
6 dried red chilies
2 star anise
1 nutmeg, broken up
2 tbsp turmeric

Warm large frying pan over medium heat. Add all the spices except the ground ginger (or galangal) and turmeric. Toast whole spices until they darken slightly and smell aromatic, about 5 min. 
Cool spices, grind finely in a spice or coffee grinder reserved for this pupose. Transfer to a bowl and add turmeric and ground ginger (or galangal). Mix well, then store in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place.