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Cooking Classes and Spice Presentations

Learn how to identify various spices, their characteristics, usage and health benefits. Discover the intricacies of cooking with different spices and incorporating them into curries.

Smita will organize:

  • Hands-on or demonstration-style cooking classes - in your home for groups of 10 or more people.
  • Cooking classes for corporate events – hands on or interactive cooking classes at your location.
  • Spice tours –join Smita Chandra for an exciting tour of Toronto’s little India on Gerard Street. Sample Indian sweets, street food, snacks, sugar cane juice, see Indian grocery stores, shop for hard to find ingredients, sample Madras coffee in a café and spend a wonderful afternoon in a worldthat is far removed from our hectic everyday lives. For groups of 8-10 or more people.
  • Spice tours with cooking class– Learn how to prepare an authentic Indian meal and then take a tour of little India with Smita Chandra. For groups of 8-10 or more people.

Recipe development

South Asians are one of the fastest growing minorities in Canada. Find out how to target this audience and sell your products with customized recipes that are exciting, challenging and will draw attention and improve sales of your products to this group.

Some of Smita's corporate clients:

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Sofina Foods
  • Kraft Canada
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Saveur Magazine, New York
  • Ontario Potato Board
  • Unilever

Recipe Testing

Need recipes tested for your publication or for your company? Smita specialises in South Asian and all other recipe testing. Smita will provide you with fast, accurate and precise results and will honour your deadlines at short notice!

Some of Smita’s clients:

  • DesiLife magazine
  • Toronto Star