East Indian Prawn Curry

Here is my friend Lorraine Gonsalves' fantastic recipe for prawn curry using Bottle masala. She adds vegetables such as sliced Daikon (white) radish or okra or turnips to the sauce before adding in the shrimp. The veggies absorb all the wonderful spicy flavours and add character to this dish. For a creamier sauce, use coconut milk instead of water or half water and half coconut milk for the perfect balance! Serve with plain cooked basmati rice.

East Indian Prawn Curry

2 tbsp oil

1/2 medium onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1/2 inch ginger, chopped

2 large plum tomatoes (canned or fresh), chopped

1/4 cup frozen shredded coconut, thawed

1 tbsp each: tamarind extract, vinegar

Salt to taste

2 tbsp Bottle Masala

1 1/2 cups water or coconut milk

1 lb large raw shrimp, cleaned and deveined

2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves

Warm oil in deep skillet set over medium high heat. Add onions, garlic and ginger. Saute until softened and lightly browned, about 5-7 min.

Remove from oil (reserve oil in skillet for later use in this recipe) and transfer to jar of blender. Add tomatoes, coconut, tamarind, vinegar, salt and Bottle masala. Blend to a smooth paste.

Warm skillet with leftover oil (or add another tbsp of oil if needed) over medium heat. Add paste from blender, saute until bubbling and slightly thickened, about 2-3 min.

Add water or coconut milk, mix well and cook uncovered for 5 min on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Add shrimp, cover skillet and cook for 5 min or until shrimp are completely cooked and pink in colour, stirring occasionally.

Fold in fresh coriander.

Serves four