Popular posts 2013

Popular Posts 2013

Mussels In Nice

  January  2, 2013    

 We had our first enchanting glimpse of Nice en route from the train station to our hotel.

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Chicken Kababs In Fez

  January 17, 2013    


 My first taste of Moroccan cuisine made me immediately nostalgic for my mother’s kitchen in India.

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Bean Stew In Puerto Rico

  February  4, 2013    


The famous sandy beaches of Puerto Rico were beckoning to us. What we hadn’t anticipated was falling in love with its unique cuisine even before we hit the beaches!

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Currywurst In Berlin

 February 18, 2013

I have found curry powder being used in many unexpected dishes, but nothing had prepared me for the discovery that some of the most devoted fans of curry are in Germany.  



Dumplings In Shanghai

 February 27, 2013

A visit to Shanghai is just not complete until you have tried  xiaolongbao  or soup dumplings.  One of the best places to eat them is the Huxinting Teahouse. 

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Cakes In Salzburg

 March  9, 2013

Salzburg has made two great contributions to the sum of human happiness: Mozart's music and desserts.

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Paella In Barcelona

 March 16, 2013

Rice traveled a long distance to get to Spain, first introduced in the middle ages by Arabs who brought it all the way from India. 

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Potatoes In Rothenburg ob der Tauber

 March 24, 2013

The pretty little medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber sits atop a gentle hill in the heart of Bavaria, in Germany. 

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French Onion Soup With Lamb In Aix en Provence

 March 30, 2013

The Romans who founded the town of Aix-en-Provence twenty-three centuries ago  may have been the first people that we know of to fall in love with the charms of Provence, but they were certainly not the last. 

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Cous Cous With Seven Vegetable Stew In Marrakesh

April 14, 2013

My first impression of Marrakesh, seen from the sky as our plane was landing, was of a city bathed in a soft red glow. Later we learned that Marrakesh is actually called 'The city of red' because all its buildings are made of gorgeous red sandstone.



Grilled Seafood On The Greek Islands

April 20, 2013

After a few days in the sun drenched, idyllic Greek islands, you learn the best way to prepare seafood  - catch it fresh, throw it on the grill, and bring it to the table while it is still sizzling. 



Grilled Chicken And Koshary In Cairo

April 28, 2013

When we asked people in Cairo which was the one Egyptian dish we absolutely had to try, the answer was unanimous - Koshary! Never even having heard that name before, we were intrigued and set about finding a good restaurant.



Thai Chicken Satays in Phuket

May 25, 2013

It is difficult to decide upon just one compelling reason for visiting Thailand. Is it the stunning scenery, the warmth and hospitality of the people or the delicious cuisine that beckon?  

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Soon Tofu Soup In Seoul

June 29 2013

After even a day spent in Seoul you are swept along by the sheer frenetic energy of the place.

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Korean Barbecue In Busan

July 9 2013

We were fortunate to see Busan at its prettiest - at the height of the annual lotus lantern festival, celebrating Buddha's birthday.

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Lamb Skewers In Xi'an

July 28 2013

Xi'an is famous for its magnificent army of ancient terracotta warriors dating back from the 3rd century BC.  

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Chicken Samosas In Lisbon

August 13, 2013

For an Indian visiting Portugal, a trip to Lisbon's Belem Docks carries a special significance

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Grilled Fish In The Algarve, Portugal

August 23, 2013

The Algarve is the region along the southern coast of Portugal, the southernmost point in Europe

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Braised Lamb In Porto, Portugal

September 9, 2013

Portugal got its name from the city of Porto, which sprawls across the hills that rise above the valley of the Douro river.

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Cataplana In Coimbra, Portugal

September 29, 2013

The Quinta das Lagrimás, the famous "Estate of Tears" where we stayed in Coimbra



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Fall Tomato Jam In Ontario, Canada

October 13 2013

Fall is my absolute favourite time of year!

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Fish Soup In Percé, Canada

October 27 2013

It is easy enough to find the town of Percé once you are in Quebec. 


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Lamb Pot Pie In Gaspé, Canada

November 12 2013

The best way to see Quebec's breathtaking Gaspé peninsula is to drive along the highway



Crepes In Quebec, Canada

November 20 2013

We traveled through the Gaspé peninsula along the road that hugs the coast



Coconut Malai Kababs In Bangalore

December 15 2013

Bangalore will always be home for me. It doesn't matter how many years ago I left



Biryani In Hyderabad

December 30 2013

The perfect biryani – that is what we were looking for in Hyderabad.